Adubi Mydaz

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Adubi-Makinde James Oladapo Mydaz is a native of Ogun State, Nigeria. He spent the first Seventeen years of his life in Ibadan, Oyo State where he was born and had exposition to an easy life a middle class family could afford. His mother was an indigenous fashion designer, and the father was into merchandise. “My childhood memories were filled with fun and happiness, art became my first love as a kid. Drawing cowboys of the bubble gum with colored pencils and crayon, and painting motor vehicle on board was a regular hobby”, he reminisced.

There was a sign writer who had his studio adjacent to Adubi’s mother’s tailoring shop at Omitowoju, Ibadan, who inadvertently adopted Adubi as a kid art apprentice. This sign writer’s studio of many color and Adubi’s mother’s work on colorful patterned fabrics, no doubt had an influence on the mind of the budding artist from the toddler age. He has had a stint of training with a couple of artists, and has since nurtured himself as a professional artist whose work has had realization in oils, acrylic, charcoal, etc with preference to realism &  abstract figurative composition. He has taken part in several group exhibitions, and has participated in many workshops on art across the country. Adubi is presently a full time professional studio painter with partial interests in home and event decoration activities.

Adubi says…  “I strongly believe that we are Godlike; therefore we can create whatever we set our mind to bring into existence. I know there lies within and around me a field of abundant energy where with faith; I can continuously draw inspirations to see opportunities in everything, everywhere and everyday challenges. I am greatly inspired by ancient wisdom and the written works of avatars. My art is a reflection of who I am, it’s a philosophy that bore deep into the soul of the observer, these art pieces lend to remind individuals the very need to identify oneself; to remember where we come from, where we are now (where we ought to be and what we need to do) and the likability of the end of our lifetime. If only you have ever tried to wonder why things are the way they are, then my art will communicate to you and, you may find the missing part of the puzzle; for life itself is a game, either you like it or not, you are a player. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s’ best interest to find out what game is it? How to play it and enjoy the accompany rewards”. These philosophies inform the background of his artistic expressions.

Adubi says… “I strongly believe that we are Godlike; therefore we can create whatever we set our mind to bring into existence.

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