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Onuoha, born in Lagos in 1971, studied Art at the Institute of Management Technology, Enugu and graduated in 1999 with a Distinction in Painting. He is a very gifted artist with a unique outlook and painting style derived from Cubism and makes use of roller brush with oil or acrylic on canvas. In addition, Onuoha is able to convey his thoughts simply and objectively.

Onuoha’s works on display, engage in an ongoing dialogue with the source of divine inspiration, with societal realities, and the themes developed in this conversation sustain a thought provoking and intriguing dialogue.

Donald Onuoha uses his unique skills with the roller brush to add form and clarity to his thoughts and feelings. Onuoha’s cubist style, simplification of natural forms and subtle use of earthy tones perfectly reflect the often surreal thoughts and images which pass through our minds.

Donald Onuoha’s works are sometimes known for their interlinking images on flat planes, maneuvered by an aphonic palette to create recognizable figures. His subjects, under this dense monochromatic plane are diagonally represented to forfeit the illusion of space. Onuoha breaks his images, rendering aspect of the figure’s forms into multiple perspectives as this helps him to create two-dimensional to three-dimensional figures without completely defining the features of his subjects.

Donald Onouha was born in Nigeria. He attended Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu. He has participated in group exhibitions within and outside Nigeria.

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