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Emmanuel Dudu

Emmanuel Dudu
Dudu Emmanuel was born on the 5th August 1974 in Benin City; he had his early education there before advancing to Auchi Polytechnic in 1994. He graduated with a Higher National Diploma (HND) 1999. He later added a Bachelor of Arts degree in visual arts from the University of Lagos.


Renowned for the social realism conveyed in his work, Dudu Emmanuel’s paintings are a combination of the dramatic, the absurd and the amusing. Through this narrative strategy we are confronted with a bleak, disturbing and yet stunning and modest pictorial account involving the ordeal and gaiety of ordinary individuals. Emmanuel’s engagement of these issues and style of representation, are quite unique. In his interrogation of the recent political space in Nigeria, the artist vividly evokes images from the athletic terrain of boxing.


These series of compositional related paintings explores the legs of his depicted figures from the shin area and ankle level downwards, while a full highlight of the depicted figures’ shadows illuminate the ground in soft brown hues. His exploration of the private space focuses on a clustered community of people in great spectacle. From wore out reclining male artisans sleeping on straws to children jam packed in a restricted private space, recalling the dimension of a room space. The institution of the family is also represented by the artist with such delight common with jesters as it challenges patriarchal standards.

His works are widely exhibited within and outside Nigeria. He currently lives and works in Lagos.


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