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Ola Balogun


Ola Balogun, born in Ogun state, graduated from Auchi polytechnic in 1999 majoring in painting. After his formal training as an artist; he went into full time studio work in De factory Studio in Lagos. Balogun works mainly in oil on canvas; he has held 35 joint shows with his themes featuring woman, their works and other aspects of rural life. He also took part in ‘’ INTRINSIC’’, an exhibition of graduate painters of the 1999 famous Auchi polytechnic Art school which was held in May, 2010.

Ola Balogun was also involved in the illustrations of the New Things Fall Apart book by world renowned author Chinua Achebe, a project supported by Diamond bank.

His works are intense and bold with dazzling colours that radiate vibrancy. The artist does not dwell on elaborate details in depicting his figure. His focus is largely on the form that he defines with rough lines as though he were trying out a sketch in composition .But the dark outlines added to these areas of strong colors position the figures within spatial dimension.

For the robust figures of Balogun, the element of volume is used to determine their proportion; and contrary to the clue which the face of the depicted figure largely offers to the comprehension of its mood, the structure`s frame, for Balogun seems to convey whatever emotion embedded in the figure.


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