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He was born in 1983 and graduated on part time basis from the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos.

This Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State born painter has been able to achieve a lot for himself by sheer combination of hard-work and talent. Little wonder he made the honourable list of artists in Nigeria as compiled by US-based Chukwuemeka Bosah in a book titled: ‘101 Nigerian Artists’.

His career has blossomed since he joined the Ara Studio in 2006 where he was baptised in the stream of ‘Araism technique’ directly by the master proponent, Mufu Onifade from where he debuted in Araism Movement 2. He has been constant in the movement ever since, paying homage to the annual feast of the Araism Movement. This has, of course, influenced some of the exhibitions he has participated in which include: –

Araism Movement 2 (2007), Araism Movement 3 (2008), Araism Movement 4 (2008), Beyond Imagination, 2nd Annual Art Exhibition/Drawing Competition organised by the Multimedia Foundation of Artists (2008), Araism Movement 5 (2009), Araism Movement 6 (2009), Black Heritage Festival 2010, Araism Movement 7 (2010) and Araism Movement 8 (2011).

Oluwanbe Amodu is not limiting his knowledge to himself. In conjunction with other young artists and theatre practitioners, he is at the forefront of Peekok Youth Art Initiative (PYI), which is a platform under which they prepare younger Nigerian artists to take interest in international competitions, offering various arts programmers for youths in Nigeria.

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