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Pius Emorhopor

Pius Emorhokpor (Nigerian, born 1962)
The medium of plastography provides material platform for Pius Emorhokpor’s works. This etching and polymerized technique on plate is re-enforced by the substance of resin, onto which the artist build surfaces with low relief effect. A process that is purely scientific in nature.


Emorhokpor’s native region in the southern part of Nigeria has remained an important backdrop for his works. There are mimesis of folk imagery and also focuses on the forms and motifs of south western dye based textile of Adire in Nigeria.


Pius Emorhokpor was born in Nigerian in 1962. He studied Fine Art at Yaba College of Technology in 1983. He worked as a designer/illustrator with ‘This week’ Magazine and African Guardian Magazine from 1990 to 1994. His works have been exhibited within and outside Nigeria. He currently lives and works in Lagos.

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