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Promise ‘Promium’ O’nali
The art of O’nali Promise has gone through various stages of incubation; these periods of his creative synthesis have been necessary catalysts for the wide audience and acceptance his works have come to receive.

During the formative years of his life, Promise was always driven by the brutal force of visual reality and communication. This set him apart from all the other students in primary and secondary school. For him, visual interpretation had no specific time, place, media/materials and support. As such, he made art everywhere and with anything. During these years, his most handy art materials included eba, candle wax, boiled yam, leaves, walls, charcoals, broom sticks, sand, clay, cartons, discarded tins, old newspapers, and any material he could squeeze out colour from.He had no respect for any ground that fascinated him, he drew on the couch, the sitting room furniture and walls, the carpets, his schoolbags, note books, text books, etc. even his charismas clothing were not spared. His artistic cravings made him so popular and sought after in secondary school that he built a clique of artistic individuals whose main aim was to visually turn their dreams into graphic reality. This was when he learned that one could really do whatever he or she wanted as long as he/she puts his/her mind to it. He did not want to be a roadside artist. However, his dreams took a whole new turn when he learned that he could do so much with his art.

He later got an admission to study art at the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka. It was at the department of Fine and Applied Arts, while studying painting, he came to learn new trends and techniques in art under the tutelage of C. Krydz Ikwuemesi, Dr. Ozioma Onuzulike, Prof. El Anatsui, Chijioke Onuorah and a host of other renowned artists/lecturers who helped sharpen and steer his art towards the right direction. In earnest gratitude to the contribution of all who have been instrumental to the success of his art, Promise decided to do great things and touch as many lives as possible with his art. He had his first solo exhibition in 2010 (City of Refuge, CEW Gardens, Rumuomasi, Port Harcourt).

However, he has taken part in a number of group exhibitions, some of them include: “Exposition” (Enugu, 2003), “Salt of the Earth” (Enugu, 2004), “Parenting and Child Care” (Enugu, 2004), “Images of Africa” (Enugu, 2004), “Dance of the Lyrical Lines II (Enugu, 2005).

He is inspired by beauty and hard work which he seeks to bring to the fore through his works.

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