Tolu Aliki

Tolu AlikiArtist

Tolu Aliki

Tolu Aliki is a professional artist and a Graduate Mass Communication. He was born on the 7th of February, 1976 in Nigeria. He is a self- trained artist borne out of the love for the arts and that innate desire to express himself.

He began to exhibit steadily and his works continued to gain recognition amongst top Art galleries and notable art collectors in his home country Nigeria, while a number of international galleries have shown interest in his paintings.

Tolu Aliki works in several media, but with a flair for oil pastel. Most of his works have found its greatest expression when addressing the concept of passion: Love, Music, family, and everyday social interactions.

His works exhibit a high standard of understanding and application of colours, depth of content and aesthetic beauty.

His paintings establishes dialogue about that innate desire of man not to be lonely, but to be loved and cared for, and that longing to trust someone and the wish to be reciprocated no matter what or who the person is. The uniqueness and originality of his works gave them the flair and authenticity no art lover could resist.

He lives in Lagos where he continues to paint in his private studio. He is a member of the society of Nigerian Artist (SNA), and The Artzero Group.

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