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Tony Enebeli is one of Nigeria’s most prominent artists. His main media are plastocast and metal foil; with these unusual media he has created a distinctive style. His works capture scenes from his native Anioma area in Delta state as well as other parts of Nigeria – the ceremonies, rites and traditions. The ipu afia series for instance are about an annual ceremony in his Anioma village.

According to Enebeli, his art is a bridge between old Nigeria and new Nigeria, bringing disappearing traditions, ceremonies and cultures back to the fore. While his themes and ideas are a throwback to tradition, his execution is bold and unusual. Enebeli‘s exhibition includes ‘The Nigerian arts exhibition’ in fredrisveaek, Sweden and Spanua, Berlin in 1986; Contemporary West African Arts Exhibition at impression Gallery, Boston Massachusetts in 1989; ‘In Africa’ at Avanguardia, Milan, Italy in 1993; ‘visions of Ancestral Heritage’, Italian Cultural Institute, Lagos in 1992; ‘African passage’, Air Gallery, London in 2003.

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