Duke’s pictures are pleasurable and thought provoking, as he is positively rebellious in his art and perhaps one might say, tongue in cheek, his socio-political world views.

Duke Asidere holds a first class degree in Fine Arts and a Masters in Fine Arts from the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He lectured at the Auchi Polytechnic from 1990 to 1995. His well-known cerebral distinction and an added renown as an evocative and experimental professional artist has him unquestionably in the cream of his generation (of artists).

Duke Asidire’s works are dominated by two stylistic approaches among other system of dispensation: one consists in the flickering and fragile movement that attends his half abstract figurative compositions. These works, in their drips, splashes and apparent distortions on canvas together with sometimes thin spontaneous brushstrokes—are like coarse, unfinished renditions with fuzzy shapes and lingering contours. The figures in these works are defined by curved lines made with bright colours, bringing them at an intersection between rhythm and tension. This creates an interesting mood around the work. The other consists of elongated figures, mostly idealized portraitures featuring a pair or more, of feminine characters, or sometimes a study of a male head. They make reference to the concept of sameness as Asidere renders each figure to retain and subtly elaborate the representative detail of the other. By this, pictorial repetition becomes a way of engaging subjects, which suggests emphasis as to the manner things appear before us, perhaps to nail them inside our minds to become a familiar territory. It is as though what is important for Asidere is the model. There are often depicted to occupy contrasting position on canvas, giving the work variety together with their symmetric proportions which lends them visibility.

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