About Us

Thought Pyramid Art Centre was established to meet a need. Obviously, it is to meet the need for the art to be professionally housed and managed with the needed expertise, as it is done in the developed world.

If you visit a gallery outside of Nigeria, you will attest to the fact that a gallery is where art finds its bearing, and the artist bears his or her muse.

The name of the gallery was derived from a ‘thought’ of a symbol that can be identified with the cradle of civilisation which historical can be found in Egypt. And it is in Egypt that you can find ‘Pyramid’. Hence, the name, Thought pyramid Art Centre.

Directror Thought Pyramid Art Gallery - Jeff Ajueshi

“Apart from the fact that the galleries are devoted to varied themes with exhibits including…”

Jeff Ajueshi
CEO Thought Pyramid Art Centre 

Our core values

  • Create a space for new, creative and innovative ideas to be incubated and nurtured.
  • Create space where there are no boundaries between art, craft, design, and thought.
  • Create space where thinkers meet to dialogue on new directions for African art.
  • Promote understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of art.
  • Promote art values in an accessible, contemporary and unpretentious environment.
  • Consider the artists in all we do, talk and act with the patrons in mind.

What We Do

This is set in unique structure of awe-inspiring art ambience. it is ideal for your conferences, meetings, weddings, social celebrations

A major part of the centre’s work is focused on public education.

Our in-house art library is a comprehensive reference point housing a variety of multimedia materials.

Our shop offers a wide range of merchandise and souvenir items inspired by the collections of arts and culture of Africa

We frame and guide you with our expertise with estimate of your belonging

Enjoy indoor/outdoor dining in a tasteful and elegant art-deco ambience